About Us

Hawk Creek Armory Wings

We’re proud of our humble beginnings…

There was certainly no boardroom in sight when we started as a small retail and repair shop in 2015. We made it our goal to provide the best customer service and prices in and around our small southeastern Kentucky town. As our shop grew, so did our loyal customer base.
As time progressed, Hawk Creek Armory began to discover a real need for custom gunsmithing. Developing new guns and building custom firearms became our passion. In 2019, Hawk Creek Armory created the Alpha-1 series. With this creation, we realized that our true calling was in custom work. We soon transitioned into what we are today, a custom gun shop.

The Alpha series has been met with resounding success. Nationally ranked competition shooters have eagerly traded in their “industry standard” rifles to shoot one of our custom-made pieces. We bet if you try one of our guns, you’ll make the switch, too! Hawk Creek Armory may not be the small shop we were in 2015 but we are still committed to providing our customers the best product and customer service in the industry!

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